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Gaui 500X Quadcopter Analysis – Complete Discussion

It is recognized Gaui As one of the largest producers of Quadcopter this planet, first launched in 2010 Quadcopter and has released some really lovable as occupied Gaui 300X-S with Gaui 500X.

Gaui 500X 300S is the older brother and uses a higher payload, more stability and more power.

And Gaui 330X-S and was greeted by a duly RC as a strong neighborhood that was easy to assemble and fly along with the 500X follows this pattern. The military-style drones, efficiency and durability nothing. Fans are provided and frame 500 in the excellent wind resistance than any other drone in the market.

Comes supplied as a set, which installs easily in 1-1.5 hours. Contains several 4 brushless motors Scorpio, battery 2S2000mAh, which is enough for 12-14min flight time, GU-344 3 axis gyroscope stability, protection framework that can be used indoors or in tight spaces, along with a protective carrying case.

A quadcopter can be an ideal platform for aerial photography or video, and can be used professionally shot for real estate agents, sports, stock video / photo, and a wide range of cases. Gaui 500X includes the ability to raise the maximum two 2KGS greater than enough to get the camera GOPRO hero or perhaps larger cameras, such as Canon 7D. You can also find the camera mounts that you can get for it, with some deviation which is able to put the camera too, and follow either the head or through the console can easily manage her camera while flying quadcopter itself.

You must be a beginner in the world RC, do not worry, and physical properties Gaui 500X folding design is guaranteed to reduce any damage caused by accidents.

The amount of games that are available in the market is growing rapidly and RC Quadcopters risen in recognition in recent years, not only for ease of flying, but also for its ability to carry heavy cameras reasonably open to different uses for them.

And Gaui 500X is now the best choice if you’re looking for quadrocopter that can withstand greater than the Best Quadcopter for GoPro and you have some use for it in the open air on a beautiful game, but MIGH also applies to the Parrot AR drone or something like that.


Gaui 500X Quad Flyer is definitely a machine remarkable and opens a wide range of brands in the use of RC flying, which includes a large capacity load and stability exceptional and great durability, and value at the beginning of 2012 is about $ 630-650 that super inexpensive considering quadcopters another of the same specification in fact, get a bit of $ 5000 onwards. We hope you enjoyed this quadcopter reviews article very much.